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Mount Bracket

Case Study: Mount Bracket Over View: To achieve less wall thickness and meet the customer requirementApplication: General Engg., Part Weight: 1.2 Kgs. Focus: Complicated Profile The Problem: Due to less wall thickness of the part, unable to meet the profile as…

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Shell Casting

Case Study: Shell Casting Over View: The complicated internal passage of the component and over come through design and process enhancement Application: Locomotive, Part Weight: 1.83 Kgs. Focus: Complex Internal passage The Problem: There were intricate internal passage in this complicated…

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Seal Plate

Case Study: Seal Plate Over View: The tool is not approach during machining in the critical area of the casting. Customer need a part as cast Application:Automotive, Part Weight: 0.85 grms. Focus:Process Formulation The Problem: The turbocharger intake oil flow assembly…

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Rear Axle Shaft

The customer requested an integrated item without welding and had previously manufactured a machined shaft and machined disc that were welded together….

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Deck Assembly

Before coming to Investment casting, the customer was made machined flanges and machined pipes are welded together and needed a integrated part without welding….

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