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Deck Assembly

Case Study: Deck Assembly

Over View: Before coming to Investment casting, the customer was made machined flanges and machined pipes are welded together and needed an integrated part without welding
Application: Marine Industry, Part Weight: 6.8 Kgs

Focus: To increase the productivity and Quality

The Problem: The customer was receiving an inconsistent supply of parts. The quality was not repeatable and ultimately, not fit for purpose.

The Solution

SAN Precision Alloys unique process optimization techniques combine with our expert Cross Functional Team helped to eliminate the welding process to increase the productivity and to be used for the manufacture of this component. To Integrated of Pipe, top and bottom flanges made as single in wax tree assembly. We were able to identify risk areas (Welding, Concentricity) with the casting and machining process requirements, and mitigate them with solutions ahead of time. This ensured that we were able to produce parts that were fit for purpose and more importantly in a repeatable Manner.

The Impact

This helped our customer bring stability to their supply and quality. Its more cost effective compared to existing method.  No welding is needed to avoid the weld distortion.  To meet the concentricity and other geometric dimensions as per customer drawing.  To fulfill the quality level as per customer requirement

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