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Mount Bracket

Case Study: Mount Bracket

Over View: To achieve less wall thickness and meet the customer requirement
Application: General Engg., Part Weight: 1.2 Kgs.

Focus: Complicated Profile

The Problem: Due to less wall thickness of the part, unable to meet the profile as per print and not meet the quality requirements

The Solution

SAN Precision Alloys’ developed a cross head tie bar used to avoid the complicated profile and bend issue.  To increase the gas vent on the wax tree assembly to eliminate the blow holes and shrinkages.

Our development team takes into account the tighter tolerance of flatness, when creating new tools. So that the casting meets the required standard of quality. We were able to create parts as a result that were both repeatable and appropriate for their intended usage.

The Impact

Achieving the required results on this casting, ensuring porosity free castings in a short time. An urgent requirement for our customer as their current source provided inconsistent quality and supply. Our enhanced process capability to maintain and meet the wall thickness and flatness as well.


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