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Shell Casting

Case Study: Shell Casting

Over View: The complicated internal passage of the component and over come through design and process enhancement
Application: Locomotive, Part Weight: 1.83 Kgs.

Focus: Complex Internal passage

The Problem: There were intricate internal passage in this complicated component. The biggest problem for our team was overcoming the technological issues related to them.

The Solution

SAN Precision Alloys’ developed a process using soluble core. Our in-house soluble core manufacturing experience and facilities helped rapidly design and build a soluble core.  We then built a process to utilize these complex cores in our investment casting process to manufacture good quality parts.

Our development team takes into account the tighter tolerance of flatness, concentricity & perpendicularity when creating new tools. So that the casting meets the required standard of quality. We were able to create parts as a result that were both repeatable and appropriate for their intended usage.

The Impact

By putting a completely functional component into production ahead of schedule, we assisted our customer in launching their product onto the market on time.

Because to our own facilities, we were able to help our customer cut back on the sometimes high costs associated with hiring cores. In a short period of time, a fully operational complicated component was built and prepared for manufacturing.