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Bronze Investment Casting

San Precision Alloys: Experts in the Art of Bronze Investment Casting
At San Precision Alloys, we specialize in unlocking the true potential of bronze through the art of investment casting. We offer a comprehensive solution for your intricate and high-tolerance bronze component needs. San Precision Alloy is the Leading Bronze Investment Casting Exporter.

The tolerances for “lost wax model” castings are established in an international norm VDG P690. SAN Precision Alloys produces according to the following norms is considered the standard.

Unparalleled Capabilities:

Benefits of Choosing San Precision Alloys for Your Bronze Investment Castings:
Why Choose San Precision Alloys?

We differentiate ourselves by providing:

Applications of Bronze Investment Castings:

Bronze investment castings find application in a wide range of industries due to their exceptional properties, including:

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